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Welcome to the Bordenstein laboratory!

We use non-linear questions to chart paths of discovery on the universality of microbiomes to Darwin's origin of species. Key questions that guide our science include:


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March 2014 - High five! to Jason Metcalf for an ASM Travel Award, Lisa Funhouser for an ASM Outstanding Student Poster Award, and undergraduate Ashley Saulsberry for the Littlejohn Summer Research Scholarship

March 2014 - Early Life Establishment of Site-Specific Microbial Communities in the Gut. Gut Microbes Link

February 2014 - Ankyrin Domains Across The Tree of Life. New article out by former postdoc Kristin Jernigan. PeerJ link

December 2013 - Made of Microbes: New view of microbes forces rethinking of what it means to be an organism. Science News

November 2013 - Interview on the microbiome and the origin of species. See why Seth said "no" when asked whether the hologenome alters our understanding of evolutionary biology. Gut Microbiota World Watch