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Welcome to the Bordenstein laboratory!

We endeavor to understand the principles that shape interactions between hosts, microbes, and viruses and the major consequences and applications of these interactions. Four key questions that drive basic and translational outcomes are:

  • How did life go from one to many millions of species today? How is the microbiome involved in the processes of speciation? Info | News | Pubs
  • How do viral genomes evolve and function in intracellular bacteria? Info | News | Pubs
  • Will bioprospecting Archaea fuel discovery of new antibiotics? Publication | News
  • What is the relative importance of vertical and environmental transmission of the microbiome in animals? Info | News | Pubs


News & Events

February 2015 - New preprint at bioRxiv is a community effort to pull various biologists and philosophers together around a distilled set of arguments on holobionts and hologenomes. Link to Getting the hologenome concept right: an eco-evolutionary framework for hosts and their microbiomes.

December 2015 - Discovery of lateral gene transfers from two endosymbionts (Wolbachia) into the same animal genome. New from graduate student Lisa Funkhouser-Jones in PeerJ (open access, link, graphical abstract)

September 2015 - New perspective and podcast on host genes, community ecology, and heritability of the microbiome in Science (Link and pdf) | By graduate student Teddy Van Opstal

August 2015 - In PLOS Biology (open access) "Host Biology in Light of the Microbiome: Ten Principles of Holobionts and Hologenomes" (Link) | Collaboration with Kevin Theis | Press release on the story behind the paper (Vanderbilt Research News)

July 2015 - New pub in Nature Communications (open access) on "Bile diversion to the distal small intestine has comparable metabolic benefits to bariatric surgery" (Link)