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Welcome to the Bordenstein laboratory!

We ask non-linear questions to probe the rules of symbiosis, evolution, and their inseperable connections. Key questions that guide our science include:



News & Events

January 2015 - Tandem-Repeat Domains Across the Tree of Life | New publication at PeerJ

December 2014 - Seth chats with Naked Scientists on antibiotic gene transfer across the tree of life and bioprospecting Archaea. Podcast link | eLife article

December 2014 - New publication at PeerJ by Daniel LePage et al. PeerJ link The relative importance of DNA methylation and Dnmt2-mediated epigenetic regulation on Wolbachia densities and cytoplasmic incompatibility.

November 2014 - Life's extremists my be an untapped source of antibacterial drugs. Vanderbilt Research News

November 2014 - New publication at eLife: Anitbacterial Gene Transfer Across The Tree of Life by Jason Metcalf et al. eLife link | eLife Insight | In collaboration with Reysenbach Lab